Apart from just having specialists Songklanagarind Hospital chose to select areas of service in which its staff excelled leading to our hospital being outstanding and establishing centers of excellence for better quality of care for complex diseases. We expect patients in southern Thailand will have the best opportunity to receive an international standard of care without having to travel either to the center of Thailand or fly overseas.
    Currently, Songklanagarind has established six such Centres of Excellence.
1.Naradhiwas Rajanagarind Cardiovascular Disease Centre
      Established in 2000 with a generous donation of one hundred and eighty million baht from the executiveof The Government Lottery Office there are now many  cardiac specialists available for diagnosis and care. The Center gives this level of treatment to all cardiac patients using facilities that are as up-to-date as the leading medical schools in Bangkok.
     There are approximately 1,250 invasive and 5,000 non-invasive patients that can be accommodated per year as we have the capability to treat a wide range of heart diseases.

2. N.K.C Institute of Gastroenterology and Hepatology
     This center was established by a group of philanthropic and like minded people
who adhere to the physicians working donated supported the doctor’s dedication
and hard work with poor people. They provided the sum of one hundred million baht
to establish one of the best care centers in Thailand for Gastroenterology and
     Songklanagarind, carrying on the objectives of the donators, opened this
center on August 2nd, 2004 which today has become one of the leading modern
centers in Asia; similar to first-class hospitals in Japan. An example of the level
of modernisation is the use of the latest methods using Gastrointestinal Wireless
Capsule Endoscopy. The center also offers a sub-specialty training programme
and especially offers short duration training courses to many Singaporean
physicians. At present, our patients, especially those with liver disease, come from
many parts of Thailand.


3. Cancer Centre 
     As a result of the importance of cancer being responsible for a third of the deaths in Thai people and also Songklanagarind Hospital’s recognition of this importance the hospital has many medical personnel trained in cancer sub-specialties and concomitantly is equipped with a lot of modern facilities. These considerations lead to the decision to establish a Cancer Center in the form of a Cancer Committee by inviting all the related sub- specialists to share and consider the treatment of cancer in the hospital. Moreover, the center’s Cancer Registry Unit is available for searching data on many types of cancer.

     4. Emergency and Trauma Centre
             Trauma accounts for one third of all the diseases which have a very high
     death rate. The Trauma Center was established with the same principles as the
     Cancer Center in order to give the best quality care for patients who have
     suffered through accident.


5. Information Technology Centre
The Information Technology Center of Songklanagarind Hospital has been developed by the personal of the Faculty of Medicine. Various information technology systems, of the hospital, are under the supervision of the center. It is considered to be one of the best, and most complete information technology systems used in Thailand. At present, both the computer and management systems are used to record all the hospital information technology.
 6. Palliative Care Unit
     This unit is both one of the outstanding units in Songklanagarind Hospital and also a recognised leading national model for the care of dying patients. The PCU has a
responsibility to care for the dying or terminally ill patient by applying both physical and spiritual care. This unit has received awards from many national leading