To supervisethe development of student efficiency, with the aim of achieving international standards

1. To select and develop students for the Faculty of Medicine who are equipped with certain desirable qualifications, and to enhance their learning potential as well as self-directed progress.
2. To supervise their quality of life and ensure their well being
3. To conduct research on selection and the development of students
4. To maintain art and culture

1.Selection of candidates for the Doctor of Medicine Program
  1.1. Bachelor of Medicine Program
        1.1.1. Admission of candidates from the 14 southern provinces
        1.1.2. Selection of candidates by the Thailand Medical Institute
        1.1.3. Collaborative Project to Increase the Production of Rural Doctors, Medical Education Center, HatYai Hospital
        1.1.4. Collaborative Project to Increase the Production of Rural Doctors, Medical Education Center,Yala Hospital
        1.1.5. Highly Intelligent Student Project
        1.1.6. Chaipattana Scholarship Project, Collaborative Project to Increase The Production of Dentistry Institutions, Royal Sponsored Education
                 Project for the Kingdom of Cambodia, The Promotion of the Academic Education Foundation, The Institute for the Promotion of
                 Teaching Science and Technology
  1.2. Bachelor of Science Program in Physical Therapy and Bachelor of Science Program in Radiological Technology
        1.2.1. University Admission of candidates inthe 14 southern provinces
        1.2.2. Central University Admission System

2.Student Development
    To follow the guidelines of desirable graduate qualifications, arrange student activities that promote their virtue and quality in line with the
graduate qualification guidelines of the Faculty of Medicine and the Standard Qualification of University Education in Five Domains:
  -    promotion of desirable graduate qualifications through academic development
  -    promotion of health and athletics
  -    promotion of public awareness and environmental conservation
  -    promotion of moral principles and ethics
  -    promotion of art and culture

  2.1 Student Development Activities
       Activities are divided according to class year
       -    Parent meetings
       -    Activities to promote relationships and orientations of different class years
       -    Activities enhancing  the desirable qualifications of a physician
       -    Activities to develop the potential of a group of highly intelligent students, according to the purposes of different admissions
       -    Activities promoting desirable student qualifications and creating good professional attitudes through practice with real patients
       -    Supervision of students in small groups through the Guild of Medicine System, together with advisors, seniors, and staff

  2.2 Student Council Activities

       Development of student potential through participation in activities set by the Student Council and studentclubs

3. Enhancement of StudentQuality of life
    Student quality of life will be supervised through an advisory system. In terms of welfare and health, students will be provided with scholarships,
    dormitories, and vaccinations. Their behavior and discipline will also be monitored.

4. Information Technology
    Compile a database, collect student information, and prepare media for publicizing news/information