Dining Facilities

On-campus choices:

   Hospital Food Center: There are several food centres situated throughout the campus, and many others nearby. The nearest to the Medical Faculty is the Hospital Food Center found in the basement area of the main hospital building. Open from 6:00 until 18:00, it has many small booths offering a variety of Thai, Chinese, and Muslim food.

   Mister Donut: is an alternative for those who prefer freshly baked donuts, offering various kinds of flavoured donuts. It is also located in the basement area.

   Coffee Shops: There are several coffee shops that offer a range of coffees, for those who like it fresh, and a selection of pastries or other snacks.

   Convenience Stores: There are several around the campus; two of them are associated with the hospital, one in the basement area of the main hospital building and the second near the Tennis Courts and the faculty dormitory area.

   Bakery Corners: two small bakeries are located in the hospital. The larger one is the UFM Bakery in the basement just in front of Seven Eleven. A smaller one is located close at the outpatient cashier, offering both bakery goods and soft drinks.

   The Good View Restaurant (Staff Club), opposite the university reservoir, is the only place on campus where alcoholic beverages are served. It is a relaxing and pleasant place with a beautiful view. It is open from 11:00 a.m. to 22:00 p.m. daily.

  A Green Market is also available in the evenings of Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It is located near the Gate 109. One can buy fresh fruit, vegetables, and a vast diversity of ready-to-eat meals.

Off-campus Choices:

          The nearest off-campus food center can be found opposite university gates No.108 and 109, which lead to Punnakan Road. A variety of Thai, Chinese, and Muslim food is normally available. There are also a number of coffee shops in Hat Yai especially near the PSU campus offering cheap local Thai food. Your Thai friends may recommend places to you when you are here.