On August 26, 1976 the foundation stone of the hospital of the Faculty of Medicine was laid by His Majesty the King and Her Majesty the Queen.
The name “Songklanagarind Hospital” was later graciously bestowed on it by His Majesty the King on April 30, 1979. The hospital, with the total areas
of 120,000 square metre, is located on the east side of Kanjanawanith Road, at the 27th kilometer stone.

     The hospital was founded with four principal objectives
      •    To be a practice centre for medical students, nursing students and medical personnel.
      •    To provide local people of the south with medical treatment services, and preventive measures.  
      •    To offer special medical treatment and laboratory services to other hospitals.
      •    To be a research and a study centre for solving all public health problems in the southern region.

     On February 22, the hospital started its medical treatment services. In line with the government’s policy, the hospital is required to provide
medical treatment at the tertiary level to patients suffering from difficult or complex diseases and people in 14 southern provinces.

     Songklanagarind Hospital, with the capacity of accommodating up to 853 in-patients, is now able to provide services to out-patients, in-patients,
and various emergency cases by many departments: general medical practice, obstetrics and gynecology, surgery, Internal medicine, pediatrics,
orthopaedic surgery and physical medicine, Ophthalmology, Otolaryngology, psychiatry. Besides, these are also pain control and acupuncture clinic,
a radiotherapy and out-patient surgery clinic. The hospital is considered as an excellent centre specialized in cardiology, oncology, gastroenterology
and liver diseases.

     Moreover, Songklanagarind Hospital has become not only an essential learning centre for medical students, Interns/ Residents as well as students
of related health science programs, but also an active research centre for personnel of various branches in health science.

     In order to effectively co-ordinate all services served to all clients, a multidisciplinary team which is composed of doctors, nurses, pharmacists,
dentists and medical personnel of various disciplines is employed through In-patient, out-patient and emergency departments.

     Songklanagarind Hospital is composed of eight major buildings with operation theatres/rooms, patient wards, diagnosis sections and  centres of
excellence serving the principal missions of the hospital in providing services to out-patients, in-patients and emergency cases.