Patient Referral Procedures
     The patient referral system was first implemented on February 16, 2004 to facilitate patients and other hospitals to get fast efficient and convenient access to treatment.
     In 2008, certain changes were made to improve the referral system, particularly, the service guide-lines for officials to follow:
         1. The Call Centre co-ordinates various OPD clinics based on patients’ symptoms reported by the referral doctors.
         2. If a patient shows up in a person, he / she will be advised to a certain OPD clinic according to his / her symptoms.
         3. The Call Centre is in charge of contacting the doctor through cell phones upon the requirements by the OPD.
    At present, SongklanagarindHospital has collaborated with the Provincial Health Office in setting a referral network system between Hatyai Hospital and Songkla     
    Hospital,  especially the referral of a patient with difficult diseases exceeding the hospitals’ capability.
    Also, there is co-operation in the department of neurosurgery with daily referral among the three hospitals.

    Steps in the Referral of Patients
      1. To refer a patient, a hospital or a doctor, must contact the Call Centre with the patient’s key information: Internal Medicine, Surgery, Orthopaedic surgery etc.
      2. The Call Center will contact and co-ordinate with OPD according to the patients’ requests.
      3. The Call Centre will contact, the doctor on duty via a cell-phone according to the nurse’s request from OPD.

    Access to the Services
      The Referral Centre provides referral services and information to all hospitals’ requests made directly to Songklanagarind Hospital as well as co-ordinates with
      a physician that is in charge. The contact numbers are as follows:
      Office hours: From 08:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
      Tel: 074-455-000, 074-451-041
      After office hours: From 4:30 p.m. onwards
      Tel: 074-451-700, 074-451-701

Referral Instructions to Songklanagarind Hospital

On phone
    A physician, or a nurse in charge of a patient, contacts directly a physician of Songklanagarind Hospital, based on the patient’s symptoms.
    Office hours: Tel. 074-455-000, 074-451-041
    After Office hours: Tel. 074-451-700 (ER)

With a Referral Letter
    In the case of a patient staying in other another hospital and wants to move into to Songklanagarind Hospital, but he/ she is unable to contact the hospital in a person,
his / her representative can act on his / her behalf with a referral letter. The person is required to contact a nurse to check if a hospital bed is available and whether the
doctor agrees to accept the new patient.

Referral Instructions of Internal Medicine Section
    The Internal Medicine Section at Songklanagarind Hospital provides treatment services to 3,000 out-patients,100 In-patients and an approximate number of 150 referrals
/ day, which are likely to increase constantly, causing great inconvenience to both the referrals and regular patients who come on with an appointment. Hence, to minimize
waiting time and decrease congestion of services, certain guidelines of referral should be observed:
   1. Patients with less severe conditions that are from other hospitals, can be referred to the Internal Medicine section during working days before 11.00 pm.
   2. Referred patients with critical conditions can be tranferred to the Emergency section dept. throughout 24 hours. Medical consultation service over the phone is still
       available for any physicians who needs help in diagnosis and treatment in the Internal Medicine. Contact the following number: Tel 074-455-000 from 08.30 a.m. –
       8.30p.m. daily.