Instructions for Out-Patients of Songklanagarind Hospital

New Patients
1. Contact the Medical Record Section (Window No.2) to apply for a patient medical record and a hospital card. Both an ID card and a house registration are required.
2. Present the hospital card at the specified clinic for registration and appointment time for seeing a doctor.

Regular Patients
1. Present the hospital card at the specified clinic.
2. In case the hospital card is lost/ forgotten, contact the Medical Records Section, present the ID card which will enable an official to conveniently search for the hospital number.

Patients’ on Appointment
1. The appointment card must be presented at the clinic, 30 minutes prior to the exact appointment time.
2. Before seeing a doctor, if a blood test or an x-ray is required, the patient must do as follows:
    2.1 Contact the Financial Section for out-patients to pay the bills or to submit reimbursement letters.
    2.2 Present the receipt to get a blood test/ x-ray. It takes approximately two hours for the results.
    2.3 Present the appointment card at the specified clinic
    In case a patient’s name, surname or any personal information are changed, the following procedures must be observed with the following documents:
        •    Certificate of name change
        •    Marriage Certificate
        •    Divorce Certificate
        •    Identification Card
        •    House Registration
        •    Contact the Medical Record Section (Window No4) to change and update information.
        •    Submit all documents required.
        •    Present the hospital card.